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How to Choose The Best E-Cigarette Product From The Market

Mar 9, 2015

E-cigarette is rising in recent years, it is also called healthy cigarette. The main working principle of e-cigarette is heating e-liquid through atomizer core and makes the e-liquid become puff. The components of e-liquid divide into food or medical type( glycol propylene, glycerol, nicotinamide , food flavor and so on). The whole process of e-cigarette puff is that there is no chemical reaction, only general physical reaction. That turns e-liquid from liquid to gas, so there is no any harmful substance. The characteristic of e-cigarette is that there is no burning, oil, second-hand cigarette, ash and metal substance. Therefore, e-cigarette will replace cigarette in not long future.

Those who have ever used e-cigarette know many advantages of e-cigarette. However, not all the brand e-cigarette is as safe as it said. Quality of different brand e-cigarette liquids are different, and the smoking set is also an important element. Nowadays, e-cigarette types are very wide in the market and the quality is also very variant. How can we choose a piece of high quality and favorite e-cigarette?

Here I want to introduce e-cigarette comprised by e-cigarette mod and e-liquid. So if you want to choose a e-cigarette, do remember the two elements.

How to choose the e-liquid?

From the appearance and property aspect, good e-liquid has very pure color and looks very smooth. You could see those no color, light yellow, golden yellow, orange, green, red, rose and other colors very comfortable.

From the sense of smell aspect, use your nose to smell e-liquid perfume, those perfume is very graceful.

From the taste aspect, vape a deep mouth of puff, you will get the pure and dim cigarette perfume feel. What’s more, you will get the endless pleasant flavor in the mouth. The vaping is no stimulus, no spicy and no choking. After you vape, the rest puff is surrouding you and near to cigarette. E-liquid adds microscale nicotine constituents. Those microscale nicotine will be quick to decompose in human body and does not accumulate in the body. Thus, it does not harm us.

The flavourings of e-liquid are mainly including fruit flavor, herb flavor, tobacco flavor and so on. Fruit flavors have apple flavor, orange flavor, lemon flavor, strawberry flavor, watermelon flavor and so on. In fact, all the fruit flavors can be copied. Herb flavor copies peppermint, vanilla and liquorice flavor.

After you vape a piece of e-cigarette, there is no strange and unpleasant smell on your mouth or clothing, there is no unpleasant smell disturbing other people or self. Except that, you could verify the good or bad of the e-liquid by checking out the relevant qualification.

The bad e-liquid on the market: The material is not pure, e-liquid is very few and scattered. E-liquid has no gloss. The bad e-liquid mouth feel does not arrive to high quality level. There is not tobacco flavor. If the manufacturing process is not serious, the product may contain some harmful substance bad for human health. Thus, the kind of product will do no good to health, it will bring harm to health.

In addition that, e-mod is an important element for evaluating the good or bad of e-cigarette.

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