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E-Cigarette Is a Healthy Star

Mar 9, 2015

Through the transfer of e-cigarette technology, let’s get to know about other industry technology update and change. The technology helps us solve many problems in our daily life and breaks through many stiff principles and limitations. Such as taxi carrier operator shatters taxi monopoly alliance or how years of money fund invention overturn compulsive order.

Still, a technology breakthrough has not been respected. However, it arouses many enemies. This is the invention of e-cigarette. Its atomizer has nicotine which can bring a smoking feel for users. The charm part is that e-cigarette does not produce real cigarette puff. Therefore, there is no puff inhaled into human lung. Meanwhile, it does make second-hand cigarette, so it can not bring bad effects to other people.

E-cigarette helps those who want to quit smoking but cannot really quit smoking personally. Those atomizers are more effective than nicotione slice, chewing gum or other ways for quitting smoking.

Many hygiene officials attempt to cope with e-cigarette by limiting or forbiding cigarette. Some officials said that they gave offence because those who vape seems like smoking cigarette; Badly, vapers enjoy the feeling.  Those officials have no proof to prove e-cigarette is bad for health, but sentence e-cigarette is the road to real cigarette. However, in our real world, the fact is that smoking in American youngsters is decreasing to half. E-cigarette really helps youngsters avoid the fatal bad habit. Public officials do not celebrate this trasform, they claim this is a crisis because more and more youngsters try to vape e-cigarette.

A report reflects that the number of youngsters is decreasing. The CEO Lloyd D. Johnson at Institute for Social Research in University of Michigan said, “although it has a good tendency this year, we still worry about youngsters’using e-cigarette. If this product making a big progress on decreasing to vape e-cigarette gets back, that will be a tragedy.”

Well, those above are their too much worry. In fact, cigarette always make people difficulty to drop. Through several quiting failure, vapers turn eyesight to e-cigarette. They hope to decrease smoking harm to body by this technology. Survey shows two thirds of e-cigarette users still smoke cigarette, the rest people quit up cigarette. Smokers treat e-cigarette as a transition to quit Opponents point out e-cigarette has nicotine but brings no evil feeling as smoking to people. Moreover, survey represent only 1% of vapers has not ever smoked cigarette. Ash considers this number can omit.

Another survey manifests the number of vapers(British smokers who want to quit smoking) who quit smoking is increasing with the increaing use of the e-cigarette. More and more smokers choose to use e-cigarette. Though there is nicotine in e-cigarette, those constituents cannot produce cancerigenic tar substance.
Additonally, survey discovers 57% of the previous smokers says they have passed exam and tested the e-cigarette. This shows the mumber of using e-cigarette in smokers is increasing.35% of the respondents think e-cigarette is more environmental in publich places, while 22% of people does not agree this point of view.

Now let’s talk about the difference between e-cigarette and cigarette. E-cigarette has few toxic substance, its main principle is the green and healty smoking, good taste and big puff, a good surrenal for cigarette and satisfying vapers who want to reorganize the e-cigarette. It can also be vaped in public places. Its puff has no tar, carbon monoxide and no second-hand cigarette. What’s more, the fresh appearance and perfect design becomes a good selection for pursing health and fashion.

In all, e-cigarette is a more healthy vaping equipment, a fashion tool and a more environmental smoking choice.

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