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E-Cigarette’S Spring Is Coming

May 6, 2015

United States: the number of young people taking electronic cigarettes was increased at three  times in the past year.

Hugo network learned from the American media "hometown station" who reported on April 21: It is reported that the number of US high school students who smoke electronic cigarette from the original 660,000 to $ 2 million during 2013 to 2014.

American Family Action Consulting Association (Action Family Counseling), head of Cary Quashen said: "At first, those who never take e-cigarette smoke e-cigarette. The initial aim is to help smokers quit up smoking, but now becomes another tool."

At the same time, the number of high school students who smoke the electronic cigarette  increased from the original 120 000 to 450 000.

CNN senior medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen, said: "No matter how many components e-cigarette have or how much volume it has, nicotine is nicotine, it is not favorable to the brain development of young people."

Cohen said: "In addition, when mentioned hookahs, it is not good if you sit to smoke it for over an hour. "

Recently, hookahs and flavor electronic cigarette are controversial, because it seems that those  fragrance is designed as pumping food to attracting children to take.

Experts call for to realize "tobacco-free world" in 2040.

Recently, the leading public health policy experts from around the world published a series of articles on "The Lancet" (The Lancet) and jointly appeal to cancel the sale of tobacco in 2014, pointed out that if there is a strong support and action against the tobacco industry, the "smokeless world" will become possible (ie, less than 5% of adult will use tobacco) in 30 years. This series of articles is releasing on the 16th World Health Assembly Tobacco (World Conference on Tobacco or Health) held March 17.

Experts point out that, if it does not speed up the treatment of tobacco, at this end of the century ,there will be 10 million people will be dead due to smoking or other forms of tobacco use. More than 80% of which occur in low and middle income countries.

Professor, University of Auckland, New Zealand Robert (Robert Beaglehole), said: "Now it is the time to let the world know how the tobacco industry is causing serious damage, and the urgent need is to take action to abolish legal and illegal sales of tobacco products, which requires the support from government, the United Nations and the World Health Organization and other international organization as well as the contribution of civil society.

Experts say, "since World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control" (World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC)) was enacted more than a decade, only 15 percent of the world population participates this non-smoking projects. In addition, although studies have shown that increasing tobacco taxes is the most cost effective way to reduce cigarette consumption, the Convention recommended level of tobacco taxes to cover is only less than one tenth of the global population. At the same period, there are 50 million people die from tobacco, this suggest that the Convention alone cannot effectively achieve the goal of reducing tobacco use.

Tokyo University Professor Kenji Shibuya (Kenji Shibuya) published research shows that despite the (global) overall smoking rate is slowly decreased, but the popularity of a number of countries over the next decade will actually increased tobacco use , especially in Africa and the Middle East. And because the world's population growth, if global expansion of effective action against tobacco is not accelerated , there will be over 1 billion smokers by 2025 .

It is worthwhile to be mentioned that, e-cigarette will become more and more popular as a new technology and healthy product as proposed by the above-mentioned experts.

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