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There Is No Need to Assemble E-Cigarette by Hands

Mar 17, 2015

Before we get to know how to assemble e-cigarette automatically, let’s get down to know how to assemble and set up e-cigarette by hands.

Hey there! Welcome to vaping! You may want to know how to set the e-cigarette up. Firstly, you should prepare those accessories:
A clearomizer tank
USB charge cable
Some delicious e-liquid
You already have those stuff? Good. The first thing you're going to want to do is charge your battery by the USB charger. If you've done this, go to the next step!

Open Your Clearomizer
Open your clearomizer tank and it will come in 2 configurations: top coil, and bottom coil.

Once you are sure which type of clearomizer you have, its time to open! Unscrew either the top or bottom cap based on whether or not you have a top or bottom coil.

Fill in Your Coil

If you have a coil, pour one drop of e-liquid on the coil. The coil is the part of your e-cig's tank.  

3.) Fill in Your Clearomizer Tank

Put the drop top into the tank and press the e-cig liquid from the bottle slowly and evenly around the tank making a circular motion with your hand.

4.) Turn on your E- Battery

Turning on you rE- battery. Simply pressthe button and see the light flash. Screw Your Tank Onto Your Battery.

Now turn your vision to the assembling of e-cigarette without hands. Through TDC new e-cigarette automatic platform, ITM group recommends world’s first automatical solving solution with thorough integration and modularization.

Wo… Assembling e-cigarette does not need hands. This e-cigarette machine arouses people’s passion in Netherlands Headquarter.

ITM group director Jeroen Slobbe explains this innovation guide. He said,’’ when we pay upon several manufactures, we observe that e-cigarette assembles are all hand-made. Automation is very limited. Although it has automation, it cannot still be satisfied with the past familiar standards in the tobacco industry.”

When we walk on the opportunity related to tobacco industry, we still face to much trouble, coz e-cigarette does not have any product specification and quality standard. The emerging laws and regulations limit market filter, while smoking habit of this industry requires to follow those changes gradually.

Jeroen Slobbe continuously said, ”although there is this kind of disadvantages, we successfully design and produce the first world’s e-cigarette automation solving solution in integration and modularization. A modularization can not only manufacture the modern e-cigarette, it can provide the platform for the next e-cigarette product”.

As the report from ASIAN TOBACCO, “there is no need to assemble e-cigarette by hands”.  ITM group company collects a wonderful recommending meeting. Through new e-cigarette automation platform TDC,ITM group recommends the first world’s e-cigarette automation solving solution in integration and modularization.

At present, many e-cigarettes are assembled by thousands of pairs of workers’ hands. Meanwhile, the strengtheningof laws and regulations and the improving of product standard will push e-cigarette towards to more high end market. For those reasons and other elements, the need of automation solving solution is increasing.

ITM group recommends this automation e-cigarette machine, it arouse people’s passion as so.

In all, with the development and improvement of technology, the assembling of e-cigarette will be automatical in future.

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